4 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Laptop for Cash

September 1, 2021 Laptops 0 Comments
Summary: Before You decide to sell old laptops for cash, there are certain things to do in order to ensure your data safety. Backing up data, erasing the hard drive and a lot more should be taken care of before you hand over your gadget to A stranger.


So you’ve finally decided to sell old laptops for cash and Get an upgrade. However, selling your PC can be a tad scary, particularly if You have a lot of personal information in it. You might have additionally placed in a great deal of time and effort synchronising it with your different gadgets.


Assuming you need your pre-owned laptop to be sold for money, you should ensure that it is at least in an acceptable working condition, if not the best. These days, there are numerous online platforms that assist you with selling your laptop regardless of the condition it is in.


At the point when you decide to sell your laptop for cash, one of the major jobs is to ensure whether you have cleaned up your system appropriately. Nonetheless, you need to take certain significant practical steps to guarantee that your delicate and secret data doesn’t get passed on in this cycle. All things considered, who wants to share their own information with a stranger!


In this post, we look at the most significant activities before you sell your laptop for cash.

1. Back It Up

Backing up data is essential before someone chooses to sell old laptops for cash. In case you’re not previously backing up the entirety of your own information and putting it on an external hard drive or on the cloud, then you should start doing it right away.


Regardless of whether you don’t transfer your information to another hard drive, you can essentially make duplicates of your own documents and keep them with you. Cloud platforms make it workable for you to take your information with you and access it from any PC.
4 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Laptop for Cash

2. De-authorise Your Software

With the anti-piracy campaigns acquiring momentum in the software world, programmers have become exceptionally specific about guaranteeing that shoppers pay for each service they use. That may have you worried about the program you’ve purchased for your laptop as some of them include Digital Rights Management technology which locks itself on the PC it is installed on.

This suggests deactivating such programs and transferring the licenses onto the new PC. To make this cycle simpler and secure, you should glance through the entirety of your software and make a list of programs that you need to transfer forward to your new laptop before you start the deactivation and transferring.

3. Laptop Information

At the point when you wish to sell your laptop for cash on the web, you will have to provide some information about its basic features. Ensure you remember this and assemble all the relevant data in regards to your laptop. You should make a note of your laptop’s brand, model number, operating system, processor name, RAM limit and screen size.

In case you’re having trouble finding any of this information, you can do the following:

  • Click on the Start menu on the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Select Computer (or My Computer) and enter System Properties.

You will find the computer specification here. Take a print of this and keep it handy

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4. Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean

This is possibly the most critical thing to do before you sell old laptops for cash. Other than actually erasing each of your documents, cleaning the hard drive off guarantees that all your information is forever erased from your laptop, leaving zero chance of it being recovered again.

Disc cleaning is essential as it will overwrite your whole hard disc a few times and when you format your machine, you find it impossible to bring back the old information. This way you can guarantee that your information won’t ever be recovered by anybody.

Once you’re done with all the security measures mentioned here, get in touch with our Sell Me Laptops executives, as we offer cash in return for your old used laptops. So hurry up and get the best deals for your laptop.