Why Should You Clean Your HDD Before You Sell Old Laptops for Cash?

September 30, 2021 Laptops

Summary: Keeping your personal and professional data safe is utmost essential especially, if you wish to sell old laptops for cash. Make sure you clean your HDD securely instead of just deleting the documents in order to maintain your data privacy.

Regardless of whether you are upgrading your system or server by replacing traditional drives with SSD(s) or current hard drive(s), it’s important that you generally secure wipe your HDD before you sell old laptops for cash to keep away from unauthorised access to your data, prevent identity threat, and shield data privacy.

Risks of Data Breach

A PC or network hard drive contains not only the personal documents you created or downloaded but also delicate data stored by the system and applications. And the entire lot of data gets easily accessible by the new owner after you decide on “I will sell my laptop for cash”.

For example, an internet browser stores your browsing history, saved passwords, card details, and more on the storage media. As soon as anyone gains access to your drive, regardless of whether it’s formatted, they can recover your private data in a matter of moments. Therefore, cleaning a hard drive is basic to defend data privacy.

For businesses, cleaning the hard drive and data is more significant- not exclusively to secure their private information and proprietary innovations but additionally their customer/client data, as governments across the globe are raising worries about customer data and protection.

Things To Do Before Selling Your Laptop

Presently, organisations need to bear a more prominent responsibility for their customer data security and protection, especially, if they sell old laptops for cash. They should implement better customer data privacy and in an eco-accommodating way to avoid any data breach. However, if an organisation fails to comply with the data protection laws like GDPR, it can bring about a heavy fine to be borne by it. Additionally, data breach also impacts brand reputation and customer trust.

While online assaults add to the most number of fraudulent cases, offline and low-tech methods are also a huge contributor to the ascent of frauds across the globe.

What’s more, everything begins from how you or your association secures and handles data or arranges a storage drive and devices with storage media like PC, Laptops, Smartphones, and etc.

Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

Just erasing your private documents or organising a hard drive doesn’t wipe a drive or destroy the data. As referenced before, such erased and formatted files can be recovered with the help of a lot of basic software.

Obviously, you can genuinely destroy a hard drive by shredding, drilling, degaussing, and so on to shield data from a breach. However, after these actions, you can’t even think of “I want to sell my laptop for cash”.

On the other hand, physical destruction generates toxic particulate matter (PM) particles, e-waste, and builds carbon impressions, which corrupt our environment.

The End Note

Always secure erase-  not just delete- delicate and private documents. By erasing documents or cleaning HDD with a safe file eraser software before you sell old laptops for cash, you can prevent occurrences of data breach and identity theft, and ensure privacy.

Use encryption while you use storage media, like – hard drive, SSD, SD card, and thumb drive, etc.

Since SSDs are NAND-flash based storage media, no data deletion software is powerful enough to destroy the complete data. Encryption is the main way you can keep your data safe in an SSD, especially, if you decide on, “I want to sell my laptop for cash”. Favour firmware level encryption for SSDs rather than third-party tools.