Wonder what happens to your laptop once it has been recycled?

October 16, 2015 Laptops 1,415 Comments


I will explain the whole process. Sell me laptops receive your laptop, we check it to make sure it matches what you have inputted into our quoting system. Once we are happy with this we will arrange for a bank transfer for the amount that was quoted. Then sell me laptop will remove your old hard drive from your laptop and then put it through a lengthy data wiping process.

Once this is complete and checked for any old data, We then proceed to install a new copy of Windows onto laptops that would have resale value. For those laptops that are of value, don’t worry we still put these to use as they are stripped down for parts and then sold for repairs. So you can be rest assured when you use Sell me Laptops your old laptop will be put to good use.